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I teach people how to move out of their heads and into the parts of their bodies that they've been in the habit of ignoring, in order to heal the problems - physical, psychological, and spiritual - that manifest as a result of that neglect.


Learn how inhabiting the body with more conscious presence can make all the difference in the world in how we experience ourselves and the life around us.

Not being in your body can result in:

Embodiment is the practice of

inhabiting our bodies with more presence.

Uncomfortable Bodies

unnecessary muscular tension

digestive problems

low libido


negative self-talk

chronic shame

aches from unconscious habits    of carriage

eating disorders

weight issues

body image issues

posture problems

pain when sitting


stress and anxiety

“Lisa is extraordinarily gifted in connecting me to body parts I was unaware of or that hurt.  During our sessions I experience an aliveness in my body that is truly exhilarating.”

Kimberly Childs, artist,

Asheville, NC

I invite you

to call me - we'll talk about your body

and what's possible.

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Psychology and the Body

Self Love and the Body

What hasn’t been given expression in you that needs expression?


Unexpressed parts translate in the body and psychology as tension, depression, and a lack of fulfillment. I use the body as a concrete way to help people address persistent, intractable psychological issues.

I've always had a strong inclination to open my heart to people who have somehow been excluded.  So it’s been a natural deepening over the years, as I’ve brought more and more intimate presence to those aspects of self that have been pushed away and rejected, to bring that intimate, loving presence to clients’ rejected parts, in the service of teaching them how to heal themselves.

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    Often people have a clear idea of what their issues are but still feel stuck when it comes to making a change.  This discrepancy happens because the sense of self is confined to the head, while the rest of the body is regarded as a vehicle for the head, like a more personal version of our car, to transport us from point A to point B.  We think we have a body rather than feeling and living from the richness of how we are the body.  The sense of self can be felt in the soles of the feet and the bottom of the pelvis as strongly and brightly as it can be felt in the head, behind the face.  This way of experiencing ourselves, more fully, goes a long way towards resolving issues.

    Anxiety and Depression

    Anxiety and depression are the result of an inner conflict, an inner division.  It takes a great deal of energy to live in a continuous battle with yourself, so that the energy that you’d otherwise have in showing up for your life is instead used up in fighting with yourself.  This conflict gets played out in the body in the form of over-identification with the thinking mind and under-identification with parts of self below the neck.  This experience of the head as oneself and the body as other reinforces and perpetuates divisiveness, anxiety and depression.  Embodiment uses the body to give people a physical, tangible experience of wholeness.

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    We all hear it often enough that we need to have a healthy relationship with ourselves before we can find that with others, that we can’t give away anything we don’t have, and that we need to love ourselves.  It’s a nice idea, loving ourselves, but where are we taught how to actually do it?  I use the body to teach self love, so that self love can move beyond being just a nice idea to something we can know through our physicality.

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