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I am devoted to being present with the difficult, to moving closer when I want to move away, in order to invite more intimacy with life, and thereby to live with a more felt sense of how everything, ultimately, is love.

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“With just 90 minutes in your presence I felt more love, compassion,and healing energy than I have ever felt in my really helped me in more ways than I ever expected.”

T.C., stroke survivor

ᅠMy aim is for this devotion to infuse all of my moments, whether in the personal or work realms, to ground my interactions in a quality of big-heartedness that life's pain most craves. ᅠI've come to appreciate that the greatest physical and psychological pain I've experienced over the years is my most valuable gift, because it's brought me more and more into being with all of myself. ᅠOver the last 25 years this process has involved some difficult stretches that I never would have asked for, and in fact cursed while going through them, but now bow to them with deep gratitude for how much they've brought me home to myself.ᅠ I love this process and the way it informs all aspects of my life, including the way I work with clients and their bodies.

“Lisa teaches in a fun, welcoming, non-intimidating way. Also, she is her own best endorsement, as she truly lives what she teaches. I recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to get more in sync with their bodies."

Stephanie Grayson-Zane, Corporate Speech Trainer, NY

Professional Experience

Lisa is an Embodiment Instructor and Intuitive Healer with 20 years of experience in teaching people how to inhabit parts of their bodies that they’ve been unconsciously ignoring due to habits of carriage, abuse issues, and chronic pain.ᅠ She has taught workshops and retreats around the country on feeling more at home inside an uncomfortable body, and workshops for meditators on sitting in a more tension-free way to support a quieter mind and an ability to sit longer without pain.ᅠ For 25 years she has studied and worked with the world-renowned yoga teacher Angela Farmer, assisting Angela at Kripalu retreats, and can be seen in Angela’s video Inner Body Flow, ranked by Yoga Journal as one of their Top 10 all-time favorite yoga videos.  Lisa is also the producer and editor of the 2 CD set A Personal Journey:ᅠ Breath with Angela Farmer.ᅠ While living in New York City, Lisa taught weekly classes at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU; for the NYPD at the 28th Precinct in Harlem; and specialized in one-on-one instruction for embodiment, yoga, and intuitive healing.ᅠ Her overall commitment is to help people heal their relationships with their bodies, so that they can enjoy a more integrated, harmonious, and undivided experience of themselves.


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