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tailor-made sessions for your body’s individual needs

Individual Sessions

How do we hold suffering in the body?

I show people, experientially, how their particular way of being in the body is a manifestation of the physical and psychological issues they feel troubled by, then teach them how to be in themselves in a new way that can resolve those physical and psychological discomforts.

How Intuitive Healing helps:

When elements in life --in this case parts inside the body, or even all of the body-- feel the regard of an allowing presence, a relaxed attention that doesn’t demand, expect, need or even want for anything to be other than just as it is, the pressure to be different falls away and a healing occurs.  This allowing presence, to put it another way, is the experience of unconditional love, the most potent curative there is.  In offering that presence to my clients, I model it and teach it so that they can relate to their bodies, and thereby themselves, with that love.

Also Available...

Help for Troubled Teens:

Many teens’ coping strategies in both social and familial relationships can be reactive, grounded in peer pressure or societal conditioning that’s damaging to the spirit and often even physically self-destructive.ᅠ With embodiment, however, I show teens how to experience themselves in a more integrated, conscious way, so that their strategies can be grounded in authenticity. With my specialty in bringing presence to what’s gone unheard --to the chronically misunderstood-- I have had the privilege of bearing witness to troubled teens relaxing into who they really are, free of posturing and rebellion.

Inner Body Yoga:

Private instruction based on the teachings of Angela Farmer is available if you would like that as the focus for your Individual Session.

"A private session with Lisa is downright magical."

Barada Weisbrot, Reflexologist, NYC

“When we first started working together, I was stiff, closed off from my feelings and on many medications for a variety of health issues, including an intolerable bowel disease. Through our customized sessions, I became more comfortable in my body, determined the root of many of my health issues (doctors were unable to pinpoint), and eventually did not have a need for daily medication!”

Lauren Eisenberg, Public Relations (MTV), NYC

lessons on being in your body with all your heart

Embodiment Classes

Class Description

This class is about undoing rather than doing, learning how to let go of holding patterns in order to relax into a more full-bodied and integrated presence. Our aim is openness and ease, that we feel into as a result of relaxing the muscles –relaxing our habit of perceiving ourselves as fixed and solid– in order to develop a stronger sense of, and identification with, the energy body. Relaxing is the operative word, as we relax our way into an expanded sense of self, that’s not contracted and separate, but open and connected: a felt sense of Oneness. Come enjoy a mindfulness-based, sensual, mystical approach, to be experienced both in class as well as in our day-to-day lives.

Who is this class for?

This class is for curious people who are interested in exploring the terrain of the inside of themselves, in order to enjoy a more comfortable body, a more relaxed mind, and a more satisfied spirit. ᅠWhether your body is that of a super-fit athlete or an injured older person, this class is geared for all types to enjoy the benefits of slowing down and paying closer attention. ᅠIt's also excellent for folks who are averse to having systems superimposed onto their bodies, who would prefer instead to be guided with imagistic, non-linear cues into their own direct experience, in order to feel into the best way of giving the body what it needs.

weekly class will resume soon with a new day and time

“I absolutely love this class!  Lisa is very gifted and unique in her approach.  She patiently guides and assists each person in their awareness and movement.  I have been recovering from an accident and Lisa and this class have been invaluable in helping me heal, as well as surpass how I felt before my accident.  I find myself moving with greater ease and less tension and utilizing what I learn in class in my daily life.  You have helped me so much, I am very grateful!!”

Janice Heisey, MSW

“I always leave class more grounded, calm and aware than when I arrived!”

Suzanne Ferrenbach, scientist, Asheville, NC

please note: ᅠWhile I am no longer teaching yoga classes, I am still offering private instruction for Inner Body Yoga based on the teachings of Angela Farmer.

lessons in dressing your essence

Inside / Outside

Is your outward appearance an accurate reflection of your inner spirit?

Which part of yourself buys your clothes and dresses you each morning? ᅠAre your choices more avoidance-driven or inspired?

You deserve to feel delighted... even giddy... about the way you present yourself to the world each day!  If you don’t, I can help you make the most of what’s already in your closet and offer guidance on how to find fill-in elements to take your look to an inspired level.


Many people wear clothes that

a) don’t look good on them

b) don’t fit them properly and so are not comfortable

or flattering

c) they don’t even like.

If you are wearing clothes you don't even like, how do you think you're going to feel? ᅠWhen you wear clothes you don't like, the message that gets communicated is one of irritation and disharmony-- is that what you want to project, what you want to say about yourself?

Learn how to wear only clothes that make you smile!


There is an “I don’t care” born of freedom; and then there is an “I don’t care” born of rebellion, that’s really about posturing, which isn’t freedom but reactivity.

Learn the art of “I don’t care” dressing that comes from freedom, from authenticity, so that your appearance can shine as brightly as your heart.

"I'll never go shopping without you again!"


“I feel and look fabulous in my clothes b/c Lisa taught me how. She helped me transform my wardrobe from drab to fab (cliché but true). ᅠI am very selective when it comes to (helpers? Doctors?, etc can’t think of the word) and I've had other people help me with this but it was never quite right. Lisa is one of a kind and she has the gift. She is present, she knows her stuff and she isn't afraid to tell you what she thinks. She has a very keen eye and she has great taste and can tell you why something fits or doesn't. I of course still got to choose what suits me, but she taught me how to buy for my body. For example, shirts that show off my shape - not baggy shirts or boxy shirts that hide my body.


      We started with my closet. I put on every item and she looked at every single one and could clearly tell me yay or nay and could explain why.ᅠ Next, we went shopping and she pulled clothes off the racks knowing what would look good on my body; I was impressed. Things I would never have picked actually looked good! By the time we were finished I had a whole new wardrobe that I felt great in. And now when I shop for myself I know what to buy and know what feels and looks good. I even run things by her and she usually gives me the thumbs up b/c she taught me well!”


Karen Mazza, website developer

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