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     "I feel blessed experiencing my body in such a new way. I now see my stroke as an opportunity to see myself as the strong capable caring and adventurous person that I am. Prior to getting stroked, I never would have looked for enlightenment or a life purpose that I seek out now. With just 90 minutes in your presence I felt more love, compassion,and healing energy than I have ever felt in my life... you really helped me in more ways than I ever expected. I entered your studio a ball of tense nerves not knowing what to expect and having little trust or faith.


1.5 hours later I left feeling hope, faith, and most importantly trust. Today I walked my dogs barefoot in the grass, several times taking my time to "feel" the earth under my feet. I swear when I am still enough I can feel vibrations of the earth. Being connected with the earth has made me not feel so small and

insignificant. You are a wonderful person, teacher, and friend... I have learned so much in our sessions that I will carry with me forever."


- T.C., stroke survivor

     “I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa while attending classes, both in a group and individually.ᅠ I absolutely love this class!ᅠ Lisa is very gifted and unique in her approach.ᅠ She patiently guides and assists each person in their awareness and movement.ᅠ I have been recovering from an accident and Lisa and this class have been invaluable in helping me heal, as well as surpass how I felt before my accident.ᅠ I find myself moving with greater ease and less tension and utilizing what I learn in class in my daily life.ᅠ You have helped me so much, I am very grateful!!ᅠ You are truly gifted!”


- Janice Heisey, MSW, Asheville, NC

     “I amᅠ blessed to have met Lisa Stendig and to be a student. After being in just one class, my awareness began to drop back into my belly, where a scar from a surgery has been blocking and numbing it for two and a half years. In a one-on-one session Lisa supported me to gently invite the return of feeling and softening into my scarred area.


     With her hands-on assists guiding my body energy and her beautiful imagery creating space and focus in my mind, my belly dropped further into my pelvic “bowl.” Feeling stirred. This deep body knowledge remains with me. I feel I have a new legs feel longer and like rivers; while my torso and arms gently sway as I walk, rooted with strength into the earth. Above all, I deepened into a gentler more loving relationship with my own energy. I cannot wait to go further into myself with Lisa as my guide! I feel like words just can’t do the experience I had justice.ᅠ I am so deeply moved.ᅠ A place I thought was “gone” from my experience is opening again and returning to feeling.ᅠ Thank you!”


- Ann Turner, yoga instructor, Asheville, NC

     "For me this work is like learning a new language… the language of my inner body… and yet I am actually just being reminded of what my body inherently knows at the deepest level.ᅠᅠ This practice encourages me to address the obvious tension in my body and is also helpful in pointing out “hidden” tension I am unaware that I am holding, even at the energetic level.ᅠ At the same time I’m learning useful and accessible methods of releasing the tension and inhabiting my body more fully in everyday activities.ᅠᅠ I always leave class more grounded, calm and aware than when I arrived!ᅠ My experiences in Lisa’s classes have also brought to my awareness, in very subtle ways, emotional blocks that inhibit me from inhabiting my body fully and feeling safe and comfortable in doing so.ᅠ In this I have gained unique and helpful insight into that space where the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies mingle and fuse.


     Lisa embodies everything she teaches.ᅠ To hug her is to feel what this work can accomplish in a person!ᅠ She is loving, beautifully present and very articulate in her use of words, coming up with insightful and fun visualizations to assist in pointing you to an experience of whatever it is that she is teaching about at any particular moment.ᅠ Her studio space is calm and conducive to the inner openings her practice encourages.ᅠ I believe that anyone … male or female … that attends Lisa’s classes will gain new and useful awareness into how to live more fully and more comfortably in these mysterious and miraculous bodies we are making this journey in!”


- Suzanne Ferrenbach, Molecular Biologist, Asheville, NC

ᅠᅠᅠᅠ “Lisa is extraordinarily gifted in connecting me to body parts I was unaware of or that hurt.ᅠ During our sessions I experience an aliveness in my body that is truly exhilarating.”


- Kimberly Childs, artist, Asheville, NC


ᅠᅠᅠᅠ "I attended a weekend workshop with Lisa in Maine. My experience with her was nothing short of amazing. Her approach reminded me of the inner teachings of energy in martial arts. It revolutionized my yoga practice and my focus in teaching yoga was brought to a deeper level. My students have benefited from my exposure to Lisa and she has inspired me to travel to study with her teacher, Angela Farmer. Now if Lisa were to begin a teacher training, I'd be there in a minute! Thank you so much for a deep, heartfelt experience."


- Laura Hamilton, yoga instructor, Augusta, Maine


ᅠᅠᅠᅠ “I am an athlete in body and mind and as such I relate to my strength through my muscles. Until I met Lisa. Through her embodiment techniques and intuition, Lisa has introduced me to an entirely new way to relate to my power. Muscles work through contraction, which also includes tension. With Lisa's guidance, I am stronger, lighter and more flexible all with much more ease. Rather than feel pain and work through it, I now allow my body to support my actions in a pain free way.ᅠ In class we focus very little on doing and walk away with vast improvements on being...really tangible, practical and personal ways of being in our bodies. I use everything I learn in class everyday in every way of my life.”


- Angela Niles, musician and athlete, Asheville, NC


ᅠᅠᅠᅠ "Lisa Stendig has a wonderfully insightful understanding of not only the physical body, but also about how the intangibles work to harmonize with it. As someone brand new, I was delighted to find that Lisa teaches in a fun, welcoming, non-intimidating way. Also, she is her own best endorsement, as she truly lives what she teaches. I recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to get more in synch with their bodies."


- Stephanie Grayson-Zane, Corporate Speech Trainer, NYC


ᅠᅠᅠᅠ “I had the honor of working with Lisa Stendig for over four years in New York City. We met through a networking group connection. From the moment I heard her voice on the phone I knew it was a match made in heaven! Lisa has a soothing and rehabilitating demeanor. I've never met anybody like her.


ᅠᅠᅠᅠ When we first started working together, I was stiff, closed off from my feelings and on many medications for a variety of health issues, including an intolerable bowel disease. Through our customized sessions, I became more comfortable in my body, determined the root of many of my health issues (doctors were unable to pinpoint), and eventually did not have a need for daily medication!


ᅠᅠᅠᅠ Lisa helped me tap into different parts of my body and organs, therefore allowing me to excel in both mind, body and spirit. When I take a group yoga class, I think about the techniques and strategies Lisa taught me during our time together. It's truly made a huge difference in the development of my yoga practice (as I recall my old self in yoga classes pre-Lisa). In personal and work situations, I've been able to use lessons from Lisa to assist with problem-solving and work through tricky/uncomfortable situations.


ᅠᅠᅠᅠ Lisa has been such a light in my life. She will inspire you to take better care of your mind and body. She will equip you with the tools to lead a healthy life full of love and happiness. I would not be the person I am today without her.”


- Lauren Eisenberg, Public Relations (MTV), NYC

ᅠᅠᅠᅠ “Thank you for your superlative work...I have already embodied much of what you taught me...your personal individual coaching was extremely valuable...


ᅠᅠᅠᅠ Your Embodiment Studio is easy to find in a beautiful location.ᅠ The ambiance of your center is warm, inviting, and exquisitely decorated.ᅠ As you greet me I feel like I am in the presence of an old soul friend.ᅠ Your approach is respectful, professional, and caring.ᅠ You listen well as you skillfully assess my structure, movement, and being.ᅠ I relax and trust that whatever you do will not be too aggressive.ᅠ You encourage and coax me to explore unfamiliar movement, assisted by your perfectly placed touch.ᅠ I feel merged with your intent during our very intimate session, an inquiry into what is possible.ᅠ I learn surprising new distinctions which I know I will keep, as when I learned balance while riding a bicycle.”


- Jack Boyd, Asheville Structural Integration, Asheville, NC

ᅠᅠᅠᅠ “I remember walking out of a session with Lisa on more than one occasion and saying to myself that I just received the biggest secret of the universe and now I can realize God.ᅠ Somehow, the experience for me, of being inside my body, in a way I had never been before, was akin to the boundless experience --at least in my thought world-- of what knowing God must be like.


ᅠᅠᅠᅠ I am a dancer, a meditator, a reflexologist and long time yoga and body work practitioner.ᅠ But it was not until studying with Lisa that I actually understood what it meant to inhabit my body.ᅠ To be in my body.ᅠ To be embodied.


ᅠᅠᅠᅠ Classes with Lisa are deeply rewarding.ᅠ However, a private session with Lisa is downright magical.ᅠ I have come to private sessions with the strangest requests.ᅠ For example, “how can I better articulate and feel my toes?” or “how can I sit for hours on the zafu (cushion) at an upcoming Sesshin or Zen retreat practice?”ᅠ The answers unfolded brilliantly as Lisa guided my body through a journey starting from the gentle peeling away of fear in all its tightness and clenching to the opening of spaciousness and clarity in the tiniest crevasses of my spine.ᅠ Lisa, the miraculous embodiment facilitator, teacher and friend.”


- Barada Weisbrot, Reflexologist, NYC


     “I feel and look fabulous in my clothes because Lisa taught me how. She helped me transform my wardrobe from drab to fab (cliché but true). ᅠI am very selective when it comes to (helpers? Doctors?, etc can’t think of the word) and I've had other people help me with this but it was never quite right.

     Lisa is one of a kind and she has the gift. She is present, she knows her stuff and she isn't afraid to tell you what she thinks. She has a very keen eye and she has great taste and can tell you why something fits or doesn't. I of course still got to choose what suits me, but she taught me how to buy for my body. For example, shirts that show off my shape - not baggy shirts or boxy shirts that hide my body.

     We started with my closet. I put on every item and she looked at every single one and could clearly tell me yay or nay and could explain why.ᅠ Next, we went shopping and she pulled clothes off the racks knowing what would look good on my body; I was impressed. Things I would never have picked actually looked good!

     By the time we were finished I had a whole new wardrobe that I felt great in. And now when I shop for myself I know what to buy and know what feels and looks good. I even run things by her and she usually gives me the thumbs up b/c she taught me well!”

- Karen Mazza / website developer



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